The condom is the glass slipper of our generation



A society in which we are constantly bombarded by the “need” for completion and complementarity with the other permanent stimulated the search to overcome the initial state of separatibilidad that scares us so much, only possible through “love” the ideal man, renunciation and surrender of themselves, no longer embodied in the glass slipper idealized past, but through the latex and the female body, now loving the transaction instruments of our generation. (más…)

The Ethics of Women (A Social Moralina)


Traditionally when we propose the study of ethics, regardless of our current theoretical and / or methodological, obviating the complexity of the subject, and even tend to think of ethics in a reductive and simplistic, giving it the stereotypical way and sedimented in the consciousness social ethics as anyone discursive and practical behavioral pattern that responds and adapts effectively and efficiently the “good”. “Every art and every knowledge like everything we do and choose, seems to tend to a well, this is rightly said that good is that toward which all things tend. (1) Aristotle. “Nicomachean Ethics”. (más…)

Feminist Theory as a Democratic Theory


Feminism and political theory as a set of movements, doctrines and ideas, but is present from the fifteenth century it was not until the late eighteenth century that formally adopts a political logic, beyond mere philosophical speculation and criticizes the social system in the controversial wave of thoughts and literary tradition on the status, nature and value of women developed in previous centuries known as the “complaint of women”. (más…)